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WATCH: The HillBenders, “Nothing but a Banjo On”

Jul 15, 2022

WATCH: The HillBenders,

Artist: The HillBenders
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri
Song: “Nothing but a Banjo On”
Release Date: July 15, 2022
Label: HillBent

In Their Words: “‘Nothing but a Banjo On’ started out as just a funny idea a good friend of mine, Anne Youngblood, came up with. Letting it all hang out while pickin’ the banjo. We would talk and laugh about it here and there for a couple years. One day, it just hit me, we really could make a fun tune out of this concept. I think a lot of pickers can relate to and appreciate the sentiment; the comfort of home, loved ones, and playing music. It could be interchangeable as well, an insert-your-primary-instrument’s-name sort of thing. Everyone who plays an instrument can relate to this concept to some degree. Maybe not stripping down to their birthday suits but the release and enjoyment that making music can bring to you, especially after a tough day’s work.” — Mark Cassidy, songwriter and The HillBenders banjoist

Photo Credit: Zen Lens Photomedia

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WATCH: The HillBenders,
WATCH: The HillBenders,