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WATCH: The Revivalists, “Kid”

Feb 15, 2023

WATCH: The Revivalists,

Artist: The Revivalists
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Song: “Kid”
Album: Pour It Out Into the Night
Release Date: June 2, 2023
Label: Concord Records

In Their Words: “‘Kid’ is about capturing the essence of life. We all go through ups and downs. Sometimes, we don’t believe in ourselves. We’ve got skeletons in the closet trying to drag us down. But you’ve got to believe in yourself. You’ve just got to live for the spirit. Nothing good ever comes easy. If you don’t have hope, what do you have?” — David Shaw, vocalist/guitarist

“As you get into new phases of life, you’re always learning, growing, having new experiences, trying to achieve something. Everyone has an inner child, or like many of us in the band, we have our own children now, and this song is just saying ‘hey, you got this’ to anyone in any generation who may need to hear that.” — George Gekas, bassist

“David and I wrote the bulk of ‘Kid’ on January 6, 2021. My wife was one month pregnant with our twins, and I had a fire lit under my ass to write a great song. But also, we were getting real-time updates on the insurrection at the Capitol. There was a lot of intense energy swirling around us that day as we were trying to stay focused on this exciting, beautiful thing we were channeling.โ€ — Zack Feinberg, guitarist

โ€œFor this video, we wanted to focus on crafting something artistic and visually engaging, without really trying to tell a story or worrying too much about how it lines up thematically with the lyrics or anything like that. We were looking for ideas that were driven more by art and imagery than literalizing the text of the song. The specific concept came from a member of our management team named Adam Smith, who was inspired by a short video by a group of artists called Sunday Nobody Art where they used a series of stencils along a heavily graffitied tunnel to achieve a flipbook-style effect. We teamed up with director/animator Johnny Chew, who was really excited about the concept and totally understood what we were looking for. We wanted to use the city of New Orleans as a backdrop in order to showcase the character and color of our city. We debated the merits (and legal implications) of making physical stencils and using washable paint, but Johnny was confident that he could achieve the desired look by filming us individually in front of a green screen and then adding the wheatpaste effect in post and planting us on shots of the city. He knocked it out of the park. He took a lot of liberty with those little animations and artistic flourishes, and it really brought the video to life.โ€ — Rob Ingraham, saxophonist

Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen

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WATCH: The Revivalists,
WATCH: The Revivalists,