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WATCH: Tré Burt, “Dixie Red”

Aug 11, 2021

WATCH: Tré Burt,

Artist: Tré Burt featuring Kelsey Waldon
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Song: “Dixie Red”
Album: You, Yeah, You
Release Date: August 27, 2021
Label: Oh Boy Records

In Their Words: “I prayed under an old oak tree in my neighborhood a lot for John Prine and his family while he was in the hospital last year. In the days following his passing I was mostly silent and listened to The Tree of Forgiveness non-stop. One night, I was standing on my porch looking at the full moon through a break in the trees over my street. It was especially silver and awfully large. The moon looked as if it were signaling John’s safe arrival to the other side. I felt privileged to witness this message sent for his family. ‘Dixie Red’ is a southern-grown peach and that line from ‘Spanish Pipedream’ has always been so potent to me. So I used a peach as imagery to represent John’s body of work he left behind for all of us.” — Tré Burt

Photo credit: Lance Bangs

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WATCH: Tré Burt,