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WATCH: Twisted Pine, “Papaya”

Jan 17, 2020

WATCH: Twisted Pine,

Artist: Twisted Pine
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Song: “Papaya”
Release Date: July 10, 2020 (album)
Label: Signature Sounds

In Their Words: “We call this Americana funk. Chris [Sartori, bass & vocals] was playing this groove in NYC one time during a sound check, and then later at a gig in California when the chorus melody came flying out of me. We decided the song would be about a papaya. We figured, ‘Everybody loves a good fruit song, right?’ The song’s about the chase for someone, the wait. The idea that they won’t give into the fact that you two are a natural fit.

“I wasn’t really writing about love. You know how when you’re waiting for an avocado, you just want to eat it right now, but it’s not ready? That annoyed feeling, the fear of someone else getting to it first. Another day and this thing isn’t ready?! By the time it’s ripe, it’s already gone or you have to toss it out. It’s about a fruit relationship and the perfect timing for love. Don’t tell anybody, but I’ve never had a papaya. We’re putting it on the rider. I just hope Iโ€™m not allergic.” — Kathleen Parks, fiddle and vocals, Twisted Pine

Photo credit: Joanna Chattman

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WATCH: Twisted Pine,
WATCH: Twisted Pine,