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Deep Roots, Many Voices: A Discussion With Joseph Kwon & AJ Lee

Apr 19, 2022


“Deep Roots, Many Voices” is a project by the Blue Ridge Music Center exploring diversity and inclusion in roots-based music. In these videos, we pair two musicians in each episode to talk about issues related to race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation; how these issues have been part of their personal stories; and the importance of celebrating diversity in the music world. These discussions highlight contributions to American roots-based music from the many voices that make up our nation, and give us hope for a rich and diverse musical future.

The Bluegrass Situation is proud to feature this interview with Joseph Kwon and AJ Lee. Joseph Kwon was born in South Korea, and moved to High Point, North Carolina, with his family as a baby. Starting out playing classical cello at age 9, he joined an Americana band in college. He joined the Avett Brothers as a cellist in 2006. Singer, songwriter, and musician AJ Lee has been playing mandolin since she was 5 years old. As a youngster she played with The Tuttle Family with AJ Lee, and now has her own band, AJ Lee and Blue Summit.

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Deep Roots, Many Voices: A Discussion With Joseph Kwon & AJ Lee