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LISTEN: Amythyst Kiah, “Sugar” (Tori Amos Cover)

May 13, 2022


Artist: Amythyst Kiah
Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee
Song: “Sugar” (Tori Amos cover)
Release Date: May 12, 2022
Label: Rounder Records

In Their Words: “When I was 15, I fell in love with Tori Amos’ music. I was constantly playing her first five albums on repeat and even learned some of the songs. She inspired me to want to write songs — I wanted to be a guitar-playing version of her. She manages to take very specific, very personal things that happened to her and turn them into songs that the listener can relate to and feel, even without having had that specific experience. Her use of metaphor in her storytelling, her distinctive voice and piano playing, was just so powerful and different than anything I had ever heard before. Her live version of ‘Sugar’ is one of my favorite recordings, so I hope I did the song justice!” — Amythyst Kiah

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LISTEN: Amythyst Kiah,
LISTEN: Amythyst Kiah,