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LISTEN: Freedy Johnston, “Madeline’s Eye”

Jun 14, 2022


Artist: Freedy Johnston
Hometown: Kinsley, Kansas
Song: “Madeline’s Eye”
Album: Back On the Road to You
Release Date: September 9, 2022
Label: 40 Below Records

In Their Words: “‘Madeline’s Eye’ was inspired by my hearing the B.W. Stevenson hit ‘My Maria’ on the overhead music somewhere. A smash hit. That’s where the musical feel is borrowed from. I’m just doing my part for the environment by recycling the groove. The lyric is your typical human/android love story. A love for the ages. The kind of love for which there really is an instruction manual and a tool kit. She’s starting to think, ‘Maybe I am a machine’ and ‘Why do I keep setting off metal detectors?’ I am sure Dr. Sigmund could analyze the heck out of the writer of this song.” — Freedy Johnston

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LISTEN: Freedy Johnston,
LISTEN: Freedy Johnston,