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Longing for Classic Country Music, Alan Jackson Asks, “Where Have You Gone”?

Oct 25, 2021


Alan Jackson, an elder statesman of modern country music, plays tenderly on the heartstrings of nostalgia in his new video, “Where Have You Gone.” Standing center stage at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, he delivers a heartfelt message to the heroes of country music that have come before this generation. In what may seem like a somber ballad, Jackson celebrates not only the artists that have made country music through the decades, but also the sounds and traditions that have shaped the style. As he delivers lyrics about steel guitars and soulful fiddling, he is surrounded on stage by a full outfit of country instruments, but they all remain unattended. Instead of being joined by players, though, the Country Music Hall of Fame member is flanked by fleeting images of greats like Johnny Cash and George Jones. In solidarity, Jackson offers a love letter to country music that once was, and only a voice as seasoned as his could capture the reverence and longing felt by fans of classic country everywhere.

Photo credit: David McClister

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Longing for Classic Country Music, Alan Jackson Asks,
Longing for Classic Country Music, Alan Jackson Asks,
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