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Sitch Sessions: Langhorne Slim, ‘Lion Like You’

Mar 8, 2016


Long-time BGS fave Langhorne Slim has been riding high for the past year or so thanks to a couple of his songs finding their way into commercials and films. But he'll never be too big to hang out on a downtown L.A. rooftop and sing for us, though. Sporting one of his trademark lids, Slim offered up "Lion Like You," a brand new (and as-yet-unreleased) tune. "I'll take it slow, but it's hard to do when you're a lion like me hunting a lion like you," Slim confesses in the song. "You got the hands that I want to hold. You light the rooms to the house of my soul."

Live from the Los Angeles Flower District. Directed and edited by Richard Downie.

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Sitch Sessions: Langhorne Slim, 'Lion Like You'