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Sitch Sessions: Rodney Crowell, ‘East Houston Blues’

Apr 25, 2017


You can take the man out of Houston, but you can never take Houston out of the man… as Rodney Crowell has proven time and again through his songs. In the case of his Sitch Session, he’s smack-dab in the middle of Los Angeles, geographically, but heart-deep in his “East Houston Blues,” in every other way. The tune comes from his new release, Close Ties, and explains why the connection is so thorough. “East Houston blues, scale of one to 10, ’bout a nine and a half is where it’s always been,” he sings. “It’s in the drinking water and in the bar ditch mud. East Houston blues, gets in a poor boy’s blood.” 

Directed and edited by Richard Downie 

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Sitch Sessions: Rodney Crowell, 'East Houston Blues'
Sitch Sessions: Rodney Crowell, 'East Houston Blues'
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