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WATCH: Brandi Carlile, “You and Me On the Rock”

Jul 1, 2022


Artist: Brandi Carlile
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Song: “You and Me On the Rock”
Album: In These Silent Days
Label: Low Country Sound/Elektra Records

In Their Words: “This song is for my wife, Catherine. When life changed during quarantine and everything that I identify myself by went away, I was left with a question of ‘is what I’ve built my life on really a solid foundation?’ I wrote this song and realized that even the most intensely self-identifying things can go away, but what my life is really built on, which is faith and my family, it’s a rock, and it’s solid.” — Brandi Carlile

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WATCH: Brandi Carlile,
WATCH: Brandi Carlile,