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WATCH: Emily Ann Roberts, “The Building”

Nov 23, 2022


Artist: Emily Ann Roberts
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Song: “The Building”
Release Date: November 4, 2022
Label: Starstruck Records

In Their Words: “I grew up in East Tennessee and every Sunday and Wednesday night of my life I was at church. My great-grandfather was the pastor of the church and every Sunday felt like a family reunion. My grandmother was the church secretary and my mom and dad met there at vacation bible school when they were kids. It was the first place I ever sang publicly. Even more than the home I grew up in, that little church raised me up. It taught me right from wrong and laid a foundation for my life. It’s the place where I met Jesus and everything changed. No matter where this life takes me, that place will always bring me home.” — Emily Ann Roberts

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