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WATCH: Valerie June, “Drink Up and Go Home”

Sep 1, 2020


On our fourth and final episode of Whiskey Sour Happy Hour, our online Americana-meets-comedy-meets-Ed-Helms variety show from this spring, singer/songwriter and banjoist Valerie June paid tribute to our theme (drinking songs for a happy hour, go figure!) and the King of Bluegrass himself, Jimmy Martin, with a simple, down-to-earth performance of “Drink Up and Go Home.”

Maybe you’re familiar with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman’s rendition, or any of the ample covers that have been offered up by string bands from across the genre map. But, for our WSHH purposes, Valerie June’s version — complete with an incoming thunderstorm and delicious ambient background vocals supplied by insect and bird song — has its own particular charm. For those in the know, that charm is quite easily traceable to June’s ethereal, cosmic approach to poetry through folk music. Her personal touches to this country classic demonstrate both her own and the tune’s broad appeal — without overthinking it.

We hope you’ll enjoy this Whiskey Sour Happy Hour rerun of “Drink Up and Go Home.”


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WATCH: Valerie June,
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