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Mar 25


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  • SHOW PREVIEW: Elephant Revival

    Butthe question remains: Well, what is time? /  It’s when the sun comes up, the sun goes down, the mooncomes out / People dance all around.This Los Angeles winter has been rather mild.  We’ve had a few beach-worthy afternoonswith the occasional jacket in ...

  • TEN QUESTIONS FOR... The Milk Carton Kids

    I can't forget the first time I heard the Milk Carton Kids.  A friend had sent me a sampling of songs from their 2011 album Prologue (which you can still download in its entirety for free via their website), and from the ...

  • SHOW PREVIEW: Hoist the Colors

    Ahoy, Southland Mateys!  BGLA columnist Brian Hepp here.  Dark clouds areon the horizon, and a pirate ship of punked-out Irish-folk mayhem is sailingthe Pacific coast.  It’s the sortof folk music that will smack you in the mouth but leave you begging for more.  Borrowing a ...


    Well folks, we're one day closer to Christmas which means another fabulous TWELVE DAYS OF [BLUEGRASS] CHRISTMAS VIDEO!This one is a personal favorite - Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder performing 'Christmas Times' A Comin'' on the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium a few years back.Enjoy!…

  • TEN QUESTIONS FOR... The Deep Dark Woods

    “It’s a long way to Georgia.  Long way to South California.  It’s hard to get to heaven on that wicked path of sin.”  -'Two Time Loser' by The Deep Dark Woods

    What a year it’s been for the folk-rock scene, and it’s not over yet.  If you enjoyed The Fleet Foxes’ ...