The Bluegrass Situation: Roots Culture Redefined

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Counsel of Elders: Bruce Cockburn on Serving as MessengerLife in Trump’s America doesn’t end at the country’s borders. The present-day era’s global scope means that, sonar-like, the current U.S. president’s impact tears across the world, including upward to the country’s endearing northern neighbor. Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn wrote his new album, Bone on Bone, under the unnerving atmosphere…
Song of the WeekOct 20, 2017

Dori Freeman, 'Just Say It Now'

There's nothing quite like a sad song that isn’t actually sad at all, or a happy song that's anything but. It feels good to condition the emotions and not let things get too caught up in the predictable, the status quo. We're programmed to think that minor keys and slow acoustics always mean that lyrics just as somber are to come; and we're equally used…

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