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Roots Culture Redefined

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BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham
5+5Feb 6, 2024

Artist: Frontier Ruckus Hometown: Detroit, Michigan Latest Album: On the Northline (out February 16) (Editor's Note: All answers provided by Matthew Milia.) If you had to write a mission statement for your career, what would it be? "Celebrate the minutiae." It's no secret that that's what my lyrics are all about. Specificity, specificity, specificity. I…

BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham
5+5Dec 1, 2023

Artist: Zach Russell Hometown: Caryville, Tennessee Latest Album: Where The Flowers Meet The Dew (out December 1) Which artist has influenced you the most – and how? I’ve always looked up to Willie Nelson. In my opinion, he is the top tier as far as “artists” go. He wrote many great songs, but wasn’t against recording…

BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham
5+5Nov 7, 2023

Artist: Glitterfox Hometown: Bakersfield, California (Solange); Charlotte, North Carolina (Andrea); Eugene, Oregon (Eric) Personal nicknames (or rejected band names): We definitely joke about our pretend side project punk band Litterbox and Clitterbox (not sure the genre of that one yet). "Solo," nickname for Solange. (Editor's Note: Answers provided by Andrea Walker.) What's your favorite memory…

BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham
5+5Nov 3, 2023

Artist: Elise Leavy Hometown: from Monterey, California; currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana Latest Album: A Little Longer Personal nicknames (or rejected band names): Doodle Which artist has influenced you the most ... and how? Of course it’s somewhere between incredibly difficult and impossible to choose one person who has influenced me the most. I grew…

BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham
5+5Oct 31, 2023

Artist: New Valley String Band Hometown: Malmö, Sweden Latest Album: New Valley Personal nicknames (or rejected band names): A Justification for Playing the Banjo Which artists have influenced you the most? Our greatest source of fiddle tunes would be the American fiddler Rayna Gellert. We fell in love with her groovy playing and her taste…

BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham
BGS 5+5: Malachi Graham