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WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel, “Mr. Guitar (Live)”

Jun 19, 2024

WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel, “Mr. Guitar (Live)”

Artist: Tommy Emmanuel
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Song: “Mr. Guitar (Live)”
Album: Endless Road: 20th Anniversary Edition
Release Date: May 28, 2024
Label: CGP Sounds

In Their Words: “The one and only Chet Atkins would be celebrating his 100th year if he were still here in body. We miss him. We love his playing, we remember all the great lessons and wisdom he handed out freely to us.  We always use his example as the one written in stone. My fellow CGPs, John Knowles and Steve Wariner, have their own experiences and memories to share, and they have lived a different life to me. Yet, because of our love for Chet’s music, we are forever joined, like family.

“I’m looking forward to CAAS ’24 coming in July — an event that was started by people whose lives were forever changed by Chet’s music and his example as a person. He has inspired me since I was 7 years old and I truly miss talking with him. He’s a dad, a brother, a friend, and a teacher who will never be replaced in my life. Chet was funny, curious, energetic, and yet cool and relaxed. He taught me to never settle for mediocrity and to FIGHT it tooth and nail! Thanks for all you’ve done Chet!” – Tommy Emmanuel

Photo Credit: Simone Cecchetti
Video Credit: Directed by Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard for Neighborhoods Apart.

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WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel, “Mr. Guitar (Live)”
WATCH: Tommy Emmanuel, “Mr. Guitar (Live)”