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3×3: Blank Range on Frank Sinatra, Palo Santo, and Non-Superfluous Suburbs

Aug 1, 2017

Artist: Grant Gustafson (of Blank Range)
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Latest Album: Marooned with the Treasure
Personal Nicknames: We call Jon Childers a myriad of names e.g. Childabeest, Childeezy, Deezy … working on new permutations.


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Who is the most surprising artist in current rotation in your iTunes/Spotify?

Frank Sinatra hasn’t been in my rotation ever before. I think it seemed like a cliché or something, but a friend played the album The World We Knew for me the other day and the first few songs really caught my attention. Amazing arrangements and really striking, dramatic songs. A good reminder that, a lot of the time, people are iconic for a reason.

If you were a candle, what scent would you be?

I wouldn’t be a candle. I would be white sage wrapped around a stick of palo santo. A therapeutic scent that we’ve made into our signature in the van.

What literary character or story do you most relate to?

The good pig in Animal Farm.

What’s your favorite word?

I had a friend immediately respond with “rhythm” once, when asked this question. I guess I’ve never decided for myself so, here goes, matemáticas is beautiful, but that is lost in English. Maybe “superfluous” is my favorite word.

What’s your best physical attribute?

I’m told I have expressive eyebrows, but I’d like to think it’s my flexible ankles.

Which is your favorite Revival — Creedence Clearwater, Dustbowl, Elephant, Jamestown, New Grass, Tent, or -ists?

CCR is the best feeling.

Banjo, mando, or dobro?

I was at one point mesmerized by Bill Monroe, but I think it was the high harmony on those old recordings that was so disarming — mandolin.

Are you more a thinking or feeling type?

I think I’m a romantic who is perpetually trying to exercise rational thinking.

Urban or rural?

Suburbs, best of both worlds. Like Sinatra, iconic for a reason.

Photo credit: Don VanCleave

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