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3×3: KALO on Hendrix, Heat, and Her Majesty Madonna

Aug 10, 2017

Artist: Bat-Or Kalo (of KALO)
Hometown: Haifa, Israel  
Latest Album: Wild Change
Personal Nicknames: B


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If you had to live the life of a character in a song, which song would you choose?

“Angel” by Jimi Hendrix

Where would you most like to live or visit that you haven’t yet?

I’d love to visit Bali!

What was the last thing that made you really mad?

Getting heat exhaustion from riding horses too long in the sun.


Things happen when you’re in the car too long. #littlerock

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If you had to get a tattoo of someone’s face, who would it be?


Whose career do you admire the most?

My career, for real. Or Madonna’s. She’s had an incredible career.

What are you reading right now?

Just finished reading The Shack.


Breakfast of champions !!! 3:40am

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

It all depends where I am and what I need to get done. I’m definitely an extrovert while on stage; maybe more of an introvert in day-to-day life.  

What’s your favorite culinary spice?

Salt and pepper. 

What was your favorite childhood toy?

I didn’t really play a lot with toys. I was one of those imaginative kids who could make believe anything and who loved to just go and play with my friends.

Photo credit: Jack Mills

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