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The Wild Standard: Flags for Every Freak to Fly

Jan 14, 2016

The Wild Standard: Flags for Every Freak to Fly

For loft-dwellers, the struggle to find art pieces that can cover a large blank wall without breaking the bank is real. Enter the Wild Standard, a flag-making company that makes exactly those kinds of pieces (and, for the record, they look great on small walls, too). With flags ranging from hometown pride (We see you, Nashville!) to all things entomological, there's a little something for everyone. 

"The Wild Standard started as a favor for a friend," co-owner Linsey Metcalf says. "Our friend Phil, from Foster in Atlanta, asked if I would design and produce a flag for his co-working space. I agreed to help and went to work on design and fabrics. Once we landed on the final direction, I pulled in my friend Tara to help with prototypes and stitching up the final flags. Tara and I balanced each other well and had a great time working with our hands in this way, so we thought we would give it a shot. That was a little over 16 months ago. The Wild Standard is still just Tara and me, but when we started,we both had full-time jobs and were making flags at nights and on the weekends. Now, Tara is able to run production full-time for us, and I fill in where I can at nights and on weekends."

The flags Metcalf and her partner make have a specific aesthetic — one that should appeal to minimalists and lovers of all things rustic alike. "We pull from a bit of history and traditional flagmaking, as well as a little minimalism," she explains.

Metcalf and her partner have plans for expansion, too: " As far as growth in new offerings, we have expanded to offer custom flags, as well as a smaller flag option to our large standard." 

"For the future, we would like to try our hand at different styles and aesthetics," she adds. "We are currently dabbling in nautically influenced flags with a minimal aesthetic, as well as flags with a heavier patchwork influence."

Check out some of our favorite Wild Standard flags, and get your own right here.

A Nashville flag out in the wild

Some creative inspiration

Droppin' wisdom

Don't mess with Texas

Everyone's favorite crooked state

Lede photo courtesy of Instagram, by Kate Edwards

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The Wild Standard: Flags for Every Freak to Fly
The Wild Standard: Flags for Every Freak to Fly