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3×3: Lillie Mae on Time Jumping, Train Riding, and Touring without Dogs

May 30, 2017

3x3: Lillie Mae on Time Jumping, Train Riding, and Touring without Dogs

Artist: Lillie Mae
Hometown: Nashville is home! But hometown was any RV park or parking lot across America until the year 2000 when Nashville became home. 
Latest Album: Forever and Then Some
Personal Nicknames: LM

If you could go back (or forward) to live in any decade, when would you choose?

My decade of choice? Whatever decade will let me travel by horse … But not too early for instrument STRINGS to not be easily accessible. And I’d like to be a boy then, also, because I wouldn’t be happy wearing them hot-ass thousand-degree dresses (been there). Though they sure are pretty!

Who would be your dream co-writer?

My dream co-write? Does the dream get half????? Shoooooot, rats! 

If a song started playing every time you entered the room, what would you want it to be?

“Raging Rivers” sung by my friend Billy Droze, written by my friend Kathy Hudson


Killer gig last nite !!!!!! Thanks for the photo miss jaedra Wedel!

A post shared by Lillie Mae (@littlefiddle7) on

What is the one thing you can’t survive without on tour?

Can’t survive without INSTRUMENTS and dogs. (I do survive without dogs on tour occasionally, but it’s pointless and way, way, way less fun.) Toothbrush … and a football helps things along sometimes … all the time!

What are you most afraid of?

I’m afraid of letting people down!!!!!!!! It’s my least favorite thing. Example? Possibly forgetting the words or a part or simply not performing to my capability.   

Who is your celebrity crush?

No celebrity crush this week. (I don’t have a TV or a computer, so I’m kind of out of the loop.)


Having a blast on the road with @BenHarper & The Innocent Criminals! by @mcspixs at Soul Kitchen last Saturday.

A post shared by Lillie Mae (@littlefiddle7) on

Pickles or olives?

Olives, but how about less salt olives?

Plane, train, or automobile?

Hate flying, my arms are always tired when we get to the gig! (hehehehe) TRAINS every day! And I love driving, so yes to trains and cars. Preferably pick-up trucks. But I’d trade both of them for a horse or two.  

Which is worse — rainy days or Mondays?

Mondays, we get to start anew, and it was my only day off Lower Broadway for 10 years plus … and the Time Jumpers play, so we need those. And we need rainy days!!!! Both are treasured!  

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