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3×3: Max Jury on Michael Jordan, Joni Mitchell, and a Healthy Respect for Tacos

May 5, 2016

3x3: Max Jury on Michael Jordan, Joni Mitchell, and a Healthy Respect for Tacos

Artist: Max Jury
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Latest Album: Max Jury (Out June 3)
Personal Nicknames: MJ. A) Those are my initials B) It helps me pretend I'm Michael Jordan playing for the bulls '96-'97.

If you had to live the life of a character in a song, which song would you choose?
I'd love to live inside the album Hejira by Joni Mitchell. She went on a road trip across America (which she took all by herself) and stayed in random hotels and what not along the way. I'd really like to do something like that — I'm sure I could learn a lot about myself.

Where would you most like to live or visit that you haven't yet?
Japan! I'm really interested in visiting places outside of Western culture and I think Japan would just be so cool. The food, the nightlife, the art … everything. That's definitely on my bucket list.

What was the last thing that made you really mad?
I'm always losing things … even when I make an effort to keep a tab on them — sunglasses, wallets, lighters, clothes — it's very frustrating … but my own fault.


#tbt the matching tour – somewhere in Ireland with Bobby, King of Boys Town

A photo posted by Max Jury (@maxwelljury) on

What's the best concert you've ever attended?
I saw the band Low play in a cemetery once, and that was real special albeit in a pretty morbid, dark way. I remember I went with my girlfriend at the time, and we were sitting amongst the headstones. Pretty creepy cool and, in a way, fitting for their music.

What was your favorite grade in school?
Sophomore year of high school … I was able to drive, made some new friends, started thinking about what I wanted out of life … It was a coming of age year for me .

What are you reading right now?
Love Is a Dog from Hell: Charles Bukowski. It's a collection of his poems for the 1970s, I think. I love his voice as a writer and particularly the way he writes about love. It's never sappy or overly sentimental, but can still knock the wind out of me.


A rare look at 2011 through the eyes of #crema at #53 it was a simpler time – before my meme addiction

A photo posted by Max Jury (@maxwelljury) on

Whiskey, water, or wine?
At a different time in my life, I would have asked, "Any chance I could grab a whiskey and a wine?" But now I'm all about water.

North or South?
I'm an Iowa boy, so I'm going to say North. But my best friend lives in Chapel Hill and, whenever I go down and visit I find it pretty impossible to leave for a whole host of reasons — but, mostly, palmetto cheese.

Pizza or tacos?
Pizza. Not a huge taco guy. No disrespect to tacos, though.

Photo credit: Christophe Rihet

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