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3×3: Trashcan Sinatras on Comics, Cumin, and Cope

Sep 5, 2017

3x3: Trashcan Sinatras on Comics, Cumin, and Cope

Artist: Trashcan Sinatras
Hometown: Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Latest Album: Wild Pendulum
Rejected Band Names: None

If you had to live the life of a character in a song, which song would you choose?

John Douglas (guitar): Joe, the barman in “One for My Baby” … a sympathetic ear for interesting people.
Francis Reader (vocals): I wouldn’t mind having Robert de Niro as my waiter — he wouldn’t need a tip.
Paul Livingston (guitar): Tiny Montgomery. I don’t know who he is, but it sounds like there’s going to be a helluva party when he gets here.

Where would you most like to live or visit that you haven’t yet?

John: Iceland
Francis: I’ve visited Japan a few times and would like to try a longer stint — perhaps as a member of one of their wonderful Beatles tribute bands.
Paul: I’d like to live in New York City for a spell. Cities are more anonymous than the country. What am I up to?

What was the last thing that made you really mad?

John: Recently, I had writers’ block, couldn’t think of a word for two weeks … then I thought: Fortnight.
Francis: “Debating” with water-brained white supremacists on Twitter.
Paul: Oh, man. I live in the U.S. …


It’s Paul in St. Paul. Amsterdam Bar and Hall tonight! #busking #busker #wildpendulum #stpaul #twincities #tour #guitarplayer #tokai

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If you had to get a tattoo of someone’s face, who would it be?

John: I don’t do tattoos. If I did, it would be a sailboat heading out to the sunset.
Francis: Our kitty, Nova Scotia.
Paul: Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden’s mascot.

Whose career do you admire the most?

John: I like those in it for the long haul, keeping it interesting, not afraid to keep quiet for a while.
Francis: Bowie, for the graceful way he seemed to dance through his career.
Paul: I think Julian Cope has a good attitude toward making music and has carved out a perfect little notch for himself.

What are you reading right now?

John: The Hank Williams Reader by Patrick Huber
Francis: Living on Paper, The Letters of Iris Murdoch
Paul: Not My Closet by Elliot S! Maggin


Frank out for a stroll on the streets of #tribeca. #newyorkcity #bigapple #freedomtower #tour #wildpendulum #tcs

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

John: Mostly introvert.
Francis: Introvert, incontrovertibly.
Paul: Introvert, for the most part.

What’s your favorite culinary spice?

John: I prefer the Mediterranean/Euro style … lemon, basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, garlic … ginger is about as crazy as I get.
Francis: Fresh basil
Paul: Cumin

What was your favorite childhood toy?

John: I loved ’70s American comics, especially the adverts at the back for x-ray specs, monkey fish, throw your voice secrets … all priced in dollars so frustratingly out of reach of my tiny Scottish hands.
Francis: Bike
Paul: Action Man

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3x3: Trashcan Sinatras on Comics, Cumin, and Cope
3x3: Trashcan Sinatras on Comics, Cumin, and Cope
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