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A Musically Fashionable Reunion, Luck-Style

Mar 22, 2018

“Damn, I forgot how good-looking everyone is in Texas!” the woman next to me said, as we approached the gates of Luck Ranch. My smile was equal parts Texas pride and pure excitement, as I took in my hill country surroundings — an oasis amidst the SXSW madness. The women, men, and kids sharing Willie Nelson’s ranch for the day rocked various combinations of leather boots, chain-stitched denim, hand-crafted hats, and custom jewelry, as well as other items rooted in traditional craft. If you didn’t arrive in any of these items, there’s a good chance you left with one, after visiting the skilled Luck vendors. I know I did!

On the repurposed set of the 1986 film, Red Headed Stranger, the annual Luck Reunion draws a specific audience in with its well-curated line-up of artists, vendors, and other creators who “cultivate the new, while showing honor to influence” in their work. It’s hard to believe this idyllic, single-day music festival wasn’t a mirage or dream induced by way too much of Willie’s Reserve. Here was a damn good-looking group of people listening to some damn good tunes.

Lilly Hiatt

Micah Nelson wearing Featherweight

Aaron Lee Tasjan in Lone HawkCaleb Caudle; and Devon Gilfillian

The Texas Gentlemen

Sam of Quaker City Night Hawks

Nikki Lane  in Wallflowers suit and Worth & Worth hat; Sam Lewis; and Onye  wearing her own designs, Effie and Onanu


Nashville illustrator Emily Miller

Marie of Lockhart Embroidery

Lede image: Ft. Lonesome

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