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  • Album Stream: Jim and Sam, 'This Is What's Left'
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Album Stream: Jim and Sam, ‘This Is What’s Left’

Aug 12, 2015

Album Stream: Jim and Sam, 'This Is What's Left'

Stop us if you've heard this one before … A Jim walks into a Sam at a comedy show in L.A. and Jim says, “Hey, I like you. Let's start a band.” And Sam says, “Cool. Okay.”

So they hop the pond and make an EP they call This Is What's Left about which Jim says, “We recorded these songs in Denmark with Swedish producer Lasse Marten, multi-instrumentalist Anders Pettersson, and drummer Magnus Olsson. We are not Swedish.”

To which Sam adds, “It's all about transitioning. These songs, these recordings, life, our relationships to each other and to the music. What's relevant to you at one time shifts so quickly. It's why we love it and what makes it so hard. Recording these songs was like being at summer camp. It all makes sense when you're there. You're all in the moment. It's magical and you become something you can only be when you're away from home. Then you come home and it's hard to describe in words what happened.”

And which Jim concludes, “So you do the laundry, go to the grocery store, and realize, 'This is what's left.'”

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Album Stream: Jim and Sam, 'This Is What's Left'
Album Stream: Jim and Sam, 'This Is What's Left'