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Basic Folk – David Wax Track by Track

May 4, 2023

Basic Folk - David Wax Track by Track

David Wax Museum’s latest album, You Must Change Your Life, is the duo’s magnum-opus. According to Wax it’s “THE record… The one you dream about when you first fall in love with music.” David also recently suffered a near-death experience that has totally rocked him and Suz Slezak, his wife and bandmate. We ask both Suz and David to reflect on the events and its aftermath. It’s surprising to hear the very different perspectives of how the event changed them both.


We also go through the new record, which is about dealing with love and mortality in a way that they have been building up to over the course of several albums. It’s some of their best writing on life and death and love. There’s also this really thoughtful relationship with Mexican folk music as American artists. It’s something they’ve been doing since they’ve been a band and it’s done so beautifully on this record. It was so cool to go track by track through the album and great to have our friends David Wax and Suz Slezak back on the pod!

Photo Credit: Anthony Mulcahy

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Basic Folk - David Wax Track by Track
Basic Folk - David Wax Track by Track