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BGS 5+5: Garrett Kato

Mar 25, 2020

BGS 5+5: Garrett Kato

Artist: Garrett Kato
Hometown: Born in Port Coquitlam, BC; current home is Byron Bay, Australia
Latest Album: s. hemisphere EP
Nickname: “Shoji is my middle name, some crew call me that”

Which artist has influenced you the most … and how?

I think it would have to be Bob Dylan as cliché as that sounds. I feel there’s only a handful of artists that can hit you in the guts with lyrics and melody. He’s probably the master of storytelling and symbolism in song.

What’s your favorite memory from being on stage?

This was probably one of favourite moments in life. I was supporting Damien Rice in Australia and was a big fan of his work. I hadn’t seen him much and figured he’d be too busy to see my set. I played to a beautiful and attentive audience, and once I left the stage, out of the darkness he emerged to say he enjoyed the set. Later that night, we went busking in the streets of Brisbane. It was something I won’t soon forget.

What other art forms — literature, film, dance, painting, etc — inform your music?

I’m a big fan of most A24 films at the moment. They always have such intensity and mystery to them highly recommend. As far as for my music, I’d say I draw more from conversations in real life or stories I hear from people I know, and love that, for some reason, it seems to seep in more often when I’m writing.

What’s the toughest time you ever had writing a song?

I think it’s almost every time. Each song comes with its own set of challenges and problems that are particular to the message or music. I find it the hardest to write when I’m spending too much time on social media. It really sucks the life out of being creative, and you end up just worrying about what everyone else is doing.

If you had to write a mission statement for your career, what would it be?

Try to give some comfort to someone who may be feeling lost or alone.

Photo credit: Jess Parkes

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BGS 5+5: Garrett Kato
BGS 5+5: Garrett Kato