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BGS 5+5: Martin Sexton

Sep 14, 2021

BGS 5+5: Martin Sexton

Artist: Martin Sexton
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Latest album: 2020 Vision
Personal nicknames: Wolfman (band and crew would call me that on the walkies)

Which artist has influenced you the most…and how?

There are just so many of equal importance. Everyone from Black Sabbath to Pavarotti, from Mel Tormé to Mel Blanc (voice of every Looney Tunes character and then some). And The Beatles to… The Beatles.

What’s your favorite memory from being on stage?

My favorite memory on stage would have to be performing live with Peter Frampton playing “Do You Feel Like We Do” in Madison Square Garden. When he said my name with his voice box through the PA, I had to pinch myself.

What was the first moment that you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Sneaking up to the attic as a 9-year-old to listen to my older brothers’ records. I would put the headphones on and put the needle on Frampton Comes Alive. The sound of the opening licks of “Do you Feel Like We Do” and the howling of the audience in stereo was the spark that lit my flame and fueled my dreams.

What rituals do you have, either in the studio or before a show?

The ritual I have before every show is to have some quiet time alone, think about what I’m going to do in a show as I do some vocal warm-ups and say a prayer to my higher power for the strength to give the best performance I possibly can that night. And to say thank you for the opportunity.

If you had to write a mission statement for your career, what would it be?

I stated this years ago and try to stay true to it today: “My mission is to utilize the power of music to foster a sense of unity connecting people of all kinds to each other. With this strength and joy I advocate always being true to one’s heart and chasing your own dreams.”

Photo credit: Jo Chattman

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BGS 5+5: Martin Sexton
BGS 5+5: Martin Sexton