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BGS Wraps: Anthony D’Amato, “Merry Christmas, I Guess”

Dec 10, 2020

BGS Wraps: Anthony D'Amato,

Artist: Anthony D’Amato
Song: “Merry Christmas, I Guess”
Release Date: December 8, 2020

In Their Words: “The holiday season is going to be a lonely one for a lot of people this year, and it just didn’t feel like the standards would offer much comfort given the current circumstances. Most of us won’t be home for Christmas, and it’s tough to be ‘holly jolly’ when you’re watching a deadly pandemic sweep through the country. So I decided to write something for all the folks who won’t be able to see their loved ones this December (or any December, for that matter), something that would capture the particularly bittersweet feeling of being alone on a day that’s traditionally all about togetherness. If you’ve lost family or friends, if you’re being responsible and hunkering down by yourself, if 2020’s pushed you to your limit and you just need to let off a little steam with a good cry, this is for you. Merry Christmas, I Guess.” — Anthony D’Amato

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BGS Wraps: Anthony D'Amato,
BGS Wraps: Anthony D'Amato,