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Gig Bag: Mandolin Orange

Oct 17, 2016

Welcome to Gig Bag, a BGS feature that peeks into the touring essentials of some of our favorite artists. This time around, we look at what Mandolin Orange's Emily Frantz has to have handy when she's out on the road. Check out Mandolin Orange's tour dates here.

Compression socks: Whether we're plane-hopping or cruising from San Diego to Portland, compression socks are a tour must-have. They're great for circulation and prevent any leg fatigue or feet swelling that some of us are prone to. I wear them almost every day. 

Long-ass charger: We've recently upsized our van and this ultra-long USB charger cable is a life saver when you're holding it down in the backseat. 

Folding yoga mat: Last summer, we played at a yoga festival. I picked up this super-thin but super-grippy yoga mat and I haven't gone on a trip without it since. It folds up to be just the size of a pair of jeans. Game changer! 

Siminoff strings: Andrew has been a proud endorser of Siminoff mandolin strings for the last couple of years. We always pack loads of extra strings … both for the mandolin tones and to share with the world of mandoliners who we meet along the way. 

Pick sack: In true acoustic musician form, we are lost in the pick-nerd abyss. We're pretty dedicated to Wegens and Bluechips, but there's a constant evolution of weight/thickness/shape preference, etc. We come prepared. 

Lede photo by Scott McCormick. All other photos by Emily Frantz.


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