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Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carol Burnett

Mar 23, 2021

Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carol Burnett

For the second episode of Season 2, we bring you a conversation between host Beth Behrs and legendary comedian, actor, singer, and entertainer Carol Burnett.


Beth is still pinching herself after this interview with her hero: Carol Burnett has been the object of her idolization since childhood and is the ultimate reason Behrs is now a physical comedian. Not only has Burnett’s infectious comedic style influenced Behrs in every which way, but the two have both worked with CBS — for decades between them — and during the episode they bond over their shared experiences of working in front of a studio audience.

Burnett has had a long relationship with country music — the Carol Burnett Show featured country and roots artists and figures from Glen Campbell to Minnie Pearl. One episode included a parody of the CMA Awards: the Rural Music Awards, featuring Vicki Lawrence as one country singer, “Donna Cargo,” performing “S-P-L-I-T,” a gut-busting parody of Tammy Wynette’s “D-I-V-O-R-C-E.” Burnett even had a variety television special with the patron saint of Harmonics, Dolly Parton, filmed at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville in 1979.

In this amazing episode, Burnett tells her story of how not-so-random chance and divine intervention helped pave the way for her dreams of musical comedy that would become a lifelong career — one that would lead her to become the first woman to host a televised sketch comedy show.

She reminisces on friends and mentors — one in particular being Julie Andrews — who supported her on her way through show business and discusses the experience of being a woman in a “man’s game.”

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Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carol Burnett
Harmonics with Beth Behrs: Carol Burnett