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LISTEN: The Maes, “Writer of Love Songs”

Oct 3, 2018

LISTEN: The Maes,

Artist: The Maes
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Song: “Writer of Love Songs”
Release Date: October 5, 2018

In Their Words: “We wrote the song together musing on the enormous quantity of love songs in the world and their relationship to the people who write them. There is a pervasive urban myth about songwriters that you can’t write good songs while you are in a happy relationship. We wondered whether songwriters can end up living their own narratives of tragedy and loneliness and whether the proverbial troubadour is lonesome precisely because they are living the kind of love that is ripe for songwriting.

“The song is a musical collaboration with John Flanagan who is one of our favourite people to sing with and we wanted to capture this song as a trio, sung with abandon as though round a campfire late at night (as it was many times before we recorded it). Producer/engineer Isaac Barter captured this vibe from us perfectly and then added his own flavor with drums and double bass.” –The Maes

Photo credit: Mick Conlon

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LISTEN: The Maes,
LISTEN: The Maes,