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LISTEN: 3 Pairs of Boots, “Gone South”

Jun 20, 2019

LISTEN: 3 Pairs of Boots,

Artist: 3 Pairs of Boots
Hometown: San Francisco, California
Track: “Gone South”
Album: Gone South
Release Date: July 12, 2019
Label: Dark Country Music

In Their Words: “The overall idea of the song comes from how so many people feel about work and life in general. They work so hard, give it their all, trying to get ahead, and for a variety of reasons and circumstances instead find themselves back where they started the next day, no further along than the previous day. That coupled with the belief in their dreams of what they thought they were destined for, something better, makes the reality of where then ended up hit hard and make them wonder how it all went south… As the song relates, Sisyphus was condemned to roll the boulder up the hill all day, only to find it at the bottom of the hill the next day.” — Andrew Stern, 3 Pairs of Boots

Photo credit: Vinny Cancilliere

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LISTEN: 3 Pairs of Boots,
LISTEN: 3 Pairs of Boots,