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LISTEN: 3hattrio, ‘Texas Time Traveler’

Aug 23, 2016

LISTEN: 3hattrio, 'Texas Time Traveler'

Artist: 3hattrio
Hometown: Southwest Utah
Song: "Texas Time Traveler"
Album: Solitare
Release Date: September 9

In Their Words: "'Texas Traveler' is a traditional, Black string-band tune that I’ve always loved. The simple words, 'Oh, early in the morning,' slay me. They fit so perfectly. I’ve played it on the banjo for years. It was really from that traditional launch pad the Eli and Greg took the tune into the realm of time travel. Each time we play it, I feel like we get going down the runway then lift off to another time.” — Hal Cannon (banjo, guitar, vocals)

Photo credit: Regina Pagles

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LISTEN: 3hattrio, 'Texas Time Traveler'