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LISTEN: Alex Dunn, “Will You Be”

Nov 9, 2018

LISTEN: Alex Dunn,

Artist: Alex Dunn
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Song: “Will You Be”
Album: Scattered Poems
Release Date: November 16, 2018

In Their Words: “I wrote this song a couple years ago, when I had just met and fallen in love with someone far, far away. It was an unrequited love. But the song isn’t really about that person. It is more about the feeling itself. The feeling of falling. A feeling so good. I was living in the little town of Saratoga, Wyoming, at the time and had just come back alone from the Rustic Bar, where a honky-tonk band was playing — so naturally, the two-step rhythm was coursing through my veins. I came dancing through the door, grabbed my guitar and wrote this tune in one go.” — Alex Dunn

Photo credit: Nicole Griffin

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LISTEN: Alex Dunn,