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LISTEN: Armchair Boogie, “Gone in a Day”

Jan 16, 2024

LISTEN: Armchair Boogie,

Artist: Armchair Boogie
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Song: “Gone in a Day”
Album: Hard Time & Deadlines
Release Date: January 19, 2024 (single); March 15, 2024 (album)

In Their Words: “In my experience, some of the best songs are written to completion (or almost) within a few hours of starting. That’s what happened with ‘Gone in a Day.’ When you feel strongly about the subject matter, ideas tend to flow with far less second guessing. There was no rush, but all the feelings, words, and melodies were at the ready. It also didn’t take long at all to think of adding in our friend Jeremy Garrett on the fiddle to take it to new heights. We think it’ll be just as smooth a listen as it was to put together.” – Ben Majeska

Track Credits: 

Ben Majeska – acoustic guitar, lead vocals & lyrical credits
Denzel Connor – drums, backup vocals
Eli Frieders – electric bass
John ‘Augie’ Dougherty – banjo, backup vocals
Jeremy Garrett – fiddle

Photo Credit: Dan Waterman

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LISTEN: Armchair Boogie,
LISTEN: Armchair Boogie,