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LISTEN: Beth Snapp, “Easy to Love”

Aug 2, 2018

LISTEN: Beth Snapp,

Artist: Beth Snapp
Hometown: Kingsport, Tennessee
Song: “Easy to Love”
Album: Don’t Apologize (EP)
Release Date: August 31, 2018
Label: NewSong Recordings

In Their Words: “‘Easy to Love’ is a fun song, but for me, it’s a little deeper than a ditty about some girl planning for her future soulmate. It’s about someone who has fully accepted herself in all her strengths and weaknesses. In fashion with the EP, she is not apologizing for who she is, but instead sending out a disclaimer… she likes herself, she’s proud of where she came from, and if a certain someone can accept and love her for what she is, she’s open for discussion. Otherwise, she’s fine continuing down the path that she’s currently on!” — Beth Snapp

Photo credit: Justin Thomas

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LISTEN: Beth Snapp,
LISTEN: Beth Snapp,