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LISTEN: Bette Stuy, ‘Caveman Blues’

Jul 25, 2016

LISTEN: Bette Stuy, 'Caveman Blues'

Artist: Bette Stuy
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Song: "Caveman Blues"
Album: Caveman Blues (Single)

In Their Words: "More than once, I have been in a serious relationship and have had my heart broken. Somehow, after a good cry, I always feel better. I pick my heart off the floor, brush it off, and try to love again. I guess my songs are an open confession of the blues." — Bette Stuy

Photo credit: Shervin Lainez

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LISTEN: Bette Stuy, 'Caveman Blues'
LISTEN: Bette Stuy, 'Caveman Blues'
LISTEN: Bette Stuy, 'Caveman Blues'
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