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LISTEN: Calling Cadence, “Took a Chance”

May 4, 2022

LISTEN: Calling Cadence,

Artist: Calling Cadence
Hometown: Los Angeles
Song: “Took a Chance”
Album: Calling Cadence
Release Date: May 3, 2022
Label: hi-rEs Records

In Their Words: “‘Took a Chance’ was the first song Oscar [Bugarin] and I wrote together. We wrote the majority of it the first night I came over to see if we’d work well together. We came up with the idea for the song after brainstorming our experiences being in our past and current relationships. We settled on the idea that the song should be a conversation between two people, and should highlight the insecurities each side can feel while in a relationship. We all experience times of doubt, and when love’s involved, we like to remind ourselves that being with the other person is a choice, and something you decide to take a chance at. It was also a commentary on the all-too relatable experience — to fall for someone you never originally intended to. The structure of the song was pretty easy to put together, but for me the fun part was figuring out we could harmonize so well with each other. After finishing the main chunk of it, we sat with what we had for a few days before adding the outro, which is my favorite part. I do love me some harmonies, and this song definitely fits the bill.” — Rae Cole, Calling Cadence

Photo Credit: Michelle Shiers

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LISTEN: Calling Cadence,
LISTEN: Calling Cadence,