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LISTEN: Carley Arrowood, “Tsali’s Run”

May 9, 2023

LISTEN: Carley Arrowood,

Artist: Carley Arrowood
Hometown: Newton, North Carolina
Song: “Tsali’s Run”
Release Date: May 12, 2023
Label: Mountain Home Music Company

In Their Words: “I wrote this tune last summer as a fun attempt at something with a Celtic/bluegrass feel. Little did we know it would come to have a Cherokee title! Last June Daniel and I went on our first anniversary trip to Cherokee, North Carolina, and saw Unto These Hills as a part of it. I have a little Cherokee in my veins, and it was so moving to learn more about Tsali, a Cherokee hero who gave up his life to save the rest of his people before the Trail of Tears took place. He and his two oldest sons willingly surrendered to a firing squad after running ‘unto the hills’ to hide. Go see the play if you haven’t! This tune found its name when we got home from our trip, as we both could just picture Tsali and his boys running through the woods. The studio band was incredible, and Tony Creasman made the song feel extra chilling with his hand drum. If you listen closely, you’ll hear three subtle crash cymbals as the song closes, and they mimic the sound of the gunshots that marked the bitter but courageous end of Tsali and his boys. ‘Tsali’s Run’ is so energetic and thrilling to play, and I hope that listeners will love and be moved by it as we are.” — Carley Arrowood

Photo Credit: Katie Duncan Photography

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LISTEN: Carley Arrowood,
LISTEN: Carley Arrowood,