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LISTEN: Caroline Spence, ‘Southern Accident’

Feb 6, 2017

LISTEN: Caroline Spence, 'Southern Accident'

Artist: Caroline Spence
Hometown: Charlottesville,VA
Song: “Southern Accident”
Album: Spades & Roses
Release Date: March 3, 2017

In Their Words: “This song existed in pieces for almost two years. It finally came together in one afternoon after having a meeting with Neilson Hubbard about producing my record (which he did.) After talking with Neilson about making music and writing and discovering so much common ground, I was feeling super inspired, empowered, and understood, and I finally wrote this song the way it was supposed to be written — honestly and nakedly, without self-pity or contempt. It all came together in about an hour.

I have said that you know a song is good when you are afraid for other people to hear it. That’s because you’ve said something true that you’ve never been able to say in any other form. I’ve felt that way about songs before, but nothing is more me and more vulnerable than this song.” — Caroline Spence

Photo credit: Laura E. Partain

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LISTEN: Caroline Spence, 'Southern Accident'
LISTEN: Caroline Spence, 'Southern Accident'