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LISTEN: Chris DuPont, ‘Evergreen Waltz’

Oct 12, 2015

LISTEN: Chris DuPont, 'Evergreen Waltz'

Artist: Chris DuPont
Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI
Song: "Evergreen Waltz"
Album: Outlier
Release Date: November 13

It Their Words: "I live in Ypsilanti, MI — a little valley town that's known for its overcast and brutally cold winters. I wanted to write a song that felt like a cold walk in the woods with a close friend. Your teeth are chattering and the world looks bleak, but there's something magical about knowing that it's all going to come back to life again, if you wait. The symphonic breakdown at the end makes me feel like the clouds are breaking and the ice is finally thinning." — Chris DuPont

Instructions: Build a fire and make some cocoa to go with this little ditty.

Photo credit: Erica Rae

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LISTEN: Chris DuPont, 'Evergreen Waltz'
LISTEN: Chris DuPont, 'Evergreen Waltz'