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5 Inappropriate Times to Play “Wagon Wheel”

Jun 28, 2024

5 Inappropriate Times to Play

Whether you’re desperately scrambling for a karaoke number or seeking an anthem to unite your politically-opposed family this election season, Old Crow Medicine Show’s 2004 hit “Wagon Wheel” has been a safe bet for nearly two decades.

However, despite its widespread appeal, we’ve curated a list of scenarios where this ubiquitous ditty might do more harm than good. Here are five times you should firmly resist the urge to play it:

5 Inappropriate Times to Play

At the North American Cartographer’s Convention  

Suggesting a westward journey through the Cumberland Gap will land a trucker in Johnson City, Tennessee is geographic heresy that will incite blind fury from the map-making community. Johnson City lies east, you directionally-challenged jackwagon. Prepare for fisticuffs.

5 Inappropriate Times to Play

During Daycare Center Staff Training

Regaling childcare workers with tales of rocking children “any way you feel” in “the wind and the rain” is a surefire way to get your facility’s license revoked.

5 Inappropriate Times to Play

As the Climactic Closing Argument in the Luciano Crime Family’s RICO Trial

Defending your allegedly innocent client by randomly bursting into a tune about boxcar-hopping and ramblin’ is a strategy that will absolutely undermine their chances of avoiding jail time. Your client is already a flight risk — don’t give them any ideas.

5 Inappropriate Times to Play

Over the Commlink During a Navy SEAL Covert Op

It turns out that the terrorists can win against an elite force’s meticulously-planned stealth mission when this ill-timed, rousing chorus echoes through the halls of whatever compound they are infiltrating.

5 Inappropriate Times to Play

At a Funeral for Your Stepdad Who Died Getting Crushed by His Own Station Wagon

You never liked your mom’s third husband Keith, but kicking off your eulogy by cheerfully strumming “Headed down South to the land of the pines” might miss the solemnity mark. Especially since it was an actual wagon wheel that took him.

Greg Hess is a comedy writer and performer in Los Angeles. His work has been featured in The American Bystander, The Onion, Shouts & Murmurs, Points in Case, and he cohosts the hit satirical podcast MEGA.

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5 Inappropriate Times to Play
5 Inappropriate Times to Play