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LISTEN: Coty Hogue, ‘Lullaby’

May 23, 2016

LISTEN: Coty Hogue, 'Lullaby'

Artist: Coty Hogue
Hometown: Bellingham, WA
Song: "Lullaby"
Album: Flight
Release Date: May 26

In Their Words: "Last Summer, I biked across the country on the Transamerica and Northern Tier bicycle trails — 4,000 miles and 10 states, Yorktown, Virginia, to Seattle, Washington. There were some really poignant moments on that trip where I felt really confident in how I wanted to shape certain things in my life and act on some goals — this new album being one of them.

'Lullaby' was written as a reminder to myself about those moments. Kind of the goal of, 'Okay, when I have forgotten about those feelings or when I am questioning things or feeling stressed (which can happen a lot!), I can have this song, this little lullaby to bring me back and help me remember those times and the clarity I felt.' So, in that way, it's perhaps a bit more internal than some of the other songs I have written, but also a message, in general, of just going for what you know is true to yourself. I think everyone has had those moments, and it's good to find a way to remind yourself on them." — Coty Hogue

Photo credit: Hot Shins Productions

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LISTEN: Coty Hogue, 'Lullaby'
LISTEN: Coty Hogue, 'Lullaby'