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LISTEN: Coyote Brother, “Lucky Ones”

Sep 16, 2019

LISTEN: Coyote Brother,

Artist: Coyote Brother
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Song: “Lucky Ones”
Album: Coyote Brother
Release Date: September 27, 2019

In Their Words: “‘Lucky Ones’ is a song about going through the worst experience of your life and coming out on the other side with the ability to acknowledge what happened and begin to move on. It is a song about recognizing that being here, being alive, having the opportunity to enjoy love and connection, marks us as lucky when compared to those that never truly had that opportunity. ‘We are the lucky ones’ can become both a concession and a mantra in a time of loss or desperation. We will all face that desperation, and we all will be tasked with absorbing the blows, moment to moment. Finding a bit of defiant hope in the knowing that because we are still here, we have the opportunity to chase down the things that make this life experience worth it, and because of that, we are the lucky ones.” — Coyote Brother

Photo credit: J Hayward Williams

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LISTEN: Coyote Brother,
LISTEN: Coyote Brother,