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LISTEN: Dan Layus, ‘Only Gets Darker’

Oct 6, 2016

LISTEN: Dan Layus, 'Only Gets Darker'

Artist: Dan Layus (featuring the Secret Sisters)
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Song: "Only Gets Darker"
Album: Dangerous Things
Release Date: October 21
Label: Plated Records/ADA

In Their Words: "I was writing specifically about my experience with alcohol and depression — I write a lot about depression. I felt like something that I learned after a few years of being down the bottom of a dark hole was, it doesn’t get better with time; it gets better with effort. It gets better by seizing what you have in front of you and not waiting for somebody else to pull you up out of the darkness. You have to scratch and climb your way up out of a hole, because it does just continue to get darker, harder, more difficult to climb out of a place like that. That was the chorus, essentially. Saying there is a common misconception that it’s darkest before dawn, but I actually believe perhaps that is not the case in this particular scenario." — Dan Layus

Photo credit Justin Clough

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LISTEN: Dan Layus, 'Only Gets Darker'
LISTEN: Dan Layus, 'Only Gets Darker'