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LISTEN: Dan Navarro, “Come Around (January’s Child)”

Aug 22, 2022

LISTEN: Dan Navarro,

Artist: Dan Navarro
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Song: “Come Around (January’s Child)”
Album: Horizon Line
Release Date: August 26, 2022
Label: Red Hen

In Their Words: “In a series of shows immediately pre-lockdown, I pulled out a chestnut I had shelved years ago. This song was actually written when I was 21, and was only performed very occasionally, as a curio. The audience responded overwhelmingly, so it remained in my repertoire throughout the pandemic. Somehow it feels fresh and anticipatory, as opposed to naïve, and features backing vocals by Chris Stills and Steve Postell, a collaborator of David Crosby. The harmonies may be distinctly of the era, but they came honestly. I can still hear the 21-year-old in the lyrics, but the openness is, to me, honest and refreshing.” — Dan Navarro

Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

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LISTEN: Dan Navarro,
LISTEN: Dan Navarro,