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LISTEN: Diane Coll, “I Don’t Know”

Dec 14, 2023

LISTEN: Diane Coll,

Artist: Diane Coll
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Song: “I Don’t Know”
Album: Old Ghosts
Release Date: January 16, 2024

In Their Words: “This is a lighthearted song about spiritual surrender and my own internal dialogue of learning to let go. There is great relief in detaching from any outcome. There is great beauty in not knowing whatโ€™s around the corner and just simply sitting, watching the river flow.

“I love how Daniel Groover’s drums and Jonny Daly’s guitar solo magnify the playful, nothing-to-lose mindset needed to truly let go of control and trust in the flow of life. It is affirming to me that, although I had not originally planned for ‘I Don’t Know’ to be on the album, the song took on a life of its own and became a no-brainer for inclusion. To surrender control can lead to some happy surprises!” โ€“ Diane Coll

Photo Credit: Troy Moore and Diane Coll

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LISTEN: Diane Coll,
LISTEN: Diane Coll,