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LISTEN: Eric Bolander, “I Wonder”

Feb 15, 2022

LISTEN: Eric Bolander,

Artist: Eric Bolander
Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky
Song: “I Wonder”
Album: Can’t Get There From Here
Release Date: February 18, 2022

In Their Words: “I drew inspiration for the song ‘I Wonder’ from the life of my best friend. He, along with his younger brother, had some very difficult times when they were young growing up in the same county in northeastern Kentucky as myself. Financial and domestic struggles plagued his household. He has two beautiful daughters now and is an amazing father to them in spite of some of the traumatic issues he faced as a youth and younger man. I wanted to write this song as a dedication to his rising up and how important his friendship is to me. Ultimately, the song is about avoiding running away from your problems and facing them, as well as forcing those that hurt you to face their own issues β€” whether they listen or not.” — Eric Bolander

Photo Credit: Kayvilla Blevins

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LISTEN: Eric Bolander,
LISTEN: Eric Bolander,