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LISTEN: Evelyn Cools, “Yosemite”

Aug 11, 2020

LISTEN: Evelyn Cools,

Artist: Evelyn Cools
Hometown: Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Song: “Yosemite”
Album: Misfit Paradise
Release Date: August 14, 2020
Label: Head Bitch Music

In Their Words: “Although I have lived in cities most of my life, nature has always been my main source of inspiration, grounding, and happiness. Yosemite National Park in particular has had a huge impact on how I perceive the natural world and our role as humans in protecting it. I wrote the song ‘Yosemite’ as a sonic representation of what it feels like to drive through the park, starting out slow and peaceful, and building toward the overwhelming moment when the valley opens up to you as if out of nowhere. It is the truest ode to nature I have written so far, and a conversation starter for the preservation and protection of natural lands. To date, it is one of my favorite songs to listen to, play at home, and perform at concerts, and I hope it resonates with all those who yearn for a deeper connection with our planet.” — Evelyn Cools

Photo credit: Tye Edwards

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LISTEN: Evelyn Cools,
LISTEN: Evelyn Cools,